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"Camping is an incredible way to make the most of natural landscapes, in terms of options we can offer alternatives that transform your super unforgettable trail experience."

We are a family owned and operated business.


The entrance to Jatobá is made by Sítio Recanto 7Kedas the trails lead to the Canyon and all the main waterfalls:

  • Jatobá Waterfall

  • Macacos Waterfall

  • Waterfall of Valentine

  • Cascatinha

  • Canyon do Jatobá

  • Paradise Tunnel

  • Silver Drop

  • Waterfall of the Sun

* The best time to visit is from late September to May, when there is more rain. But we also have drought routes along other trails. To enter Serra Ricardo Franco Park, it is necessary to be accompanied by a specialized guide throughout the site for your safety.

Stand Up

Water activity that uses a board similar to the surfboard and is driven by a long paddle which the practitioner, standing on the board, uses to move on the water. Usually the activity is performed individually, but it is also widely used by adults standing and children sitting on the same board. The monitor monitors the entire tour.

* The use of a flotation vest is essential.



Have you ever stopped to think how long you can stay submerged or how deep you can reach without the help of breathing equipment? A person, without affinity with the sport, stays on average 30 seconds and reaches a depth of 5 meters.

Try daring and see what your limit is in our Jatobá Canyon.

Apnea or with the use of Snorkel.

The access to the float is done through a contemplative trail of approximately 3 km until reaching the Jatoba canyon for the float.

Important informations:

  • Does not have a support boat

  • Departure place: Sitio Recanto das 7kedas
  • Does not include transportation


* Bring a bathing suit, tennis shoes, towel and water.


* For more information ask your guide for specialized personnel.

We are a family owned and operated business.

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