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"Ecotourism trails for groups"

... Enjoy life, live nature, celebrate friendship, love like there is no tomorrow ... “Ecotourism is also a tourist segment in which the main motivation of the tourist is, the observation and appreciation of nature, contributing to its preservation. "


Experience Jatobá with your best,
We have packages for:

  • VIP Experience

  • Group of 5 people

  • Group of 10 or more

We are a family owned and operated business.

"Schedule your next adventure in the best of your companies now !!!"

Save, save Vila Bela da Santíssima Trindade - Mato Grosso !!! There is not only this perfect waterfall, you will also see next to this cachu, beautiful walls and natural pools of crystal clear waters, completely transparent. The time we visited was during this year's carnival, February 2018. A time when the waterfalls have a good volume of water due to the rains. The most amazing thing about Vila Bela, is that you won't see muddy water due to the rain, unless you see a water spout, lol .. yes, there is that risk in some places, so always go with those who know the region very well. To facilitate your trip to Vila Bela, schedule with

Sitio Recanto your camping, your lodging, your trails, etc ... note 10 of the great Rodrigo Soares.

- Group: -Galera Só Bora-

Grupo da Assembleia de Deus
Cuiaba - MT
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